Oakworth Church

Oakworth Mothers' Union

Oakworth Branch Leader. Sharon Quinn. Tel. 01535 643851. Email: quinn.sharon002@gmail.com
Bradford Area President. Trustee and Training Officer. Pam Aston Tel. 01535 642868.

LATEST NEWS: Next meeting of Mothers' Union is on Tuesday 3rd September, 7.30pm. A meal out, venue to be confirmed.

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There are over 4 million members of the Mothers' Union in 83 countries.
Oakworth Mothers' Union are proud to have a local branch in the village.
They meet every fortnight on Tuesdays.


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What the MU do locally and globally.

Mothers' Union Quiet Time 2018
Time for quiet, reflection, prayer with God

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Mothers' Union trip to Saltaire
A trip to Salts Mill with David Hockney art and Devil's chocolate cake!