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Currently, our overseas Mission Partner is Revd Hilary Murphy
who is working in South Africa.

Hilary’s home town is Accrington in Lancashire and she has 2 adult boys who still live in the area.  Before entering ministry full time, Hilary was a nurse and she always had a heart for the marginalized and underprivileged, this led her to visit an orphanage a number of times at Bethany in Tanzania. After training at St John’s Theological College, Hilary served her curacy at Holy Trinity, South Shore, Blackpool, an urban parish with some unique problems associated with the area. After her curacy, in October 2008 Hilary went out to South Africa to work alongside the Cathedral in Bloemfontein. Her brief was to try and build links with the underprivileged people of the townships, who have nothing more than a tin shelter to live in and the wealthier congregations of the Cathedral.

Hilary has found a massive divide there between cultures but she has found great faith amongst people who have so little. Many of the people Hilary works with are suffering from AIDS and other diseases associated with poor living conditions and sanitation. She works closely with local hospices for adults and children and uses her skills as a nurse to help those in need.

Last year Hilary’s work agreement with the Cathedral in Bloemfontein came under review and she came under enormous pressure to do less of the work she believed God was calling her to do and work more keeping things going at the Cathedral. After a long deserved break back in the UK, Hilary decided not to go back and work for the Cathedral, but to go back full time living and working independently with the people of the townships, in the place where God has called her to be. Hilary has always had a passion for the Gospel and to take the message of hope to people in practical ways.

Her latest newsletter can be found in the resource section here.








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